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|Blender| "I Spot With My Little Eyes" - project in response to the lockdown 2021

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

This project started during the first couple months of Covid-19 lockdown and illustrations was produced throughout the 13 months of the lockdown. During that time, I've decided to make a commentary on how a lot of artists including me are struggling to get inspired and the fact that there was only one little window in my room that connects me to the outside world. The documentation of how different the same view looks through the element of time, different time of the year, different time of the day. After months of collecting sketches and drawings looking out from the same window, I put all the images into a three- dimensional generator software and uses the physical distance each images have from each other to represent the difference and passing of time. How memories are pieced together like puzzles and how fragmented and chopped it can be especially during the time of lockdown. " I spot with my little eyes through the little window, but the little window shows me the world, and the world is so big"

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