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3rd LA El AlisoAR Project

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

About the Project:

For our project, we created a postcard featuring an image of El Aliso, a sycamore tree planted sometime during the late fifteenth century that was best known as being a gathering place for Los Angeles’ indigenous Tongva people, who believed that the tree had a great symbolic significance. Our postcard features a redesigned and digitally illustrated depiction of El Aliso as the main image. With this, the viewer will scan the postcard with their smartphones, and, through an app implementing augmented reality (also known as AR), the viewer will be presented with an interactive, three-dimensional scene featuring our illustrated postcard, which we believe is more immersive and interesting than an ordinary postcard.

Project Goals:

Our intended goals for this project are, through the use of augmented reality, to visualize a place of great significance to the indigenous peoples of California and create a fun and deeply immersive experience for the viewer, in the hope that they can get more of a taste of what the lives of California’s indigenous peoples were like than they would from a regular postcard.

My contribution: Tree Illustration and animation, Indigenous villagers / kid illustration and animation. Postcard illustration.

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