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|After Effect|Cats & Their Shenanigans 2022

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Software used: Adobe After Effect, Duik script, Joystick and Slider script, Adobe Illustrator

Year: 2022

Video length: 1:06

Font: Rockwell (Regular)

Project proposal: I’ve always wanted to make small clips of animations about my cats, documenting little moments and things they do that make me laugh. Kirby and Berry, my two rescue cats are also my emotional support animal. I am a proud owner to be able to say they are the most comfortable when around me and definitely show a side that many people don't get a chance to experience. Their quirk and personality to me are what help me get up in the morning and I have been wanting to find a way to show it to my audiences. My goal is to first illustrate my two cats using Adobe Illustrator and import them into After Effects as layers and work on the animations in After Effects. There will be four 15-second long clips, each will be its own little story of my cats.

This piece is pieced together by four short clips showcasing my cats' daily life. Since all the clips have little relationship to each other I've decided to edit the animation referencing Charlie Chaplin by using the classic black and white film music, the font choice, and the typing like edits with the texts are also meant to give the animation a vintage feeling.

Illustration Sketch and cat anatomy study.

Kirby and Berry's illustration done on Adobe illustrator

Work space using Joystick & Slider and Duik in Adobe After Effect

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