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Shelf Life 2019

Jolynn Hsieh & Matthew Tallorin Photo/Media 340

Shelf Life June 2019

Photograph and Digital Drawing

16” x 22”

Shelf Life describes the duality between the need to purchase items in a consumer world and the self-worth society tells us we should gain via purchasing. In this work we describe self-worth as if it is an organ in your body that you would be able to find with in your local grocery store. By consuming the self-worth, you grow your pride in a capitalistic culture. Our criticism lies within how odd that this purchasing is normalized and even encouraged when material goods are often do not sustain prolonged happiness.

Jolynn Hsieh is a third-year student at the University of Washington double majoring in Photomedia and Comparative History of Ideas. She is interested in using a variety of different mediums, most of her work centers around the idea of self-explorations and self-healing.

Matthew Tallorin is a third-year student at the University of Washington in the Photomedia department. With a passion for creating visual arts, he plans to continue producing photographs and surreal feelings for the rest of his life.

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