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|Illustrator| Vinyl Sticker Design 2021

I was contacted by a car crew named Team Vicious to modify their logo. Team Vicious is a group made out of car lovers that put their passion into modifying cars, both the interior and exterior. Their previous logo was designed by one of the car crew member and they would like something that will help them stand out from other car crew.

The logo contained their mascot- a wolf and their team name. The goal is for them to turn the logo into vinyl stickers that can be stick to the exterior of the car.

*After a month into the project I was informed that the project had been canceled decided by the team captain. Despite not being able to complete the project with the client I decided to still finish it and document the process.

After the brain storming process, I came up with a rough sketch of the logo. The client wished to continue the roaring wolf image from their old logo. My idea was to combine car engine parts with the wolf head to further demonstrates the idea of "rough and vicious."

After the sketch I import the drawing into Adobe Illustrator and start simplifying the image while keep in mind that as a vinyl parts of the image will be weed out to make the outline.

As seen above, the black part will be the vinyl sticker that will go on the car and the pink part will be the stickers that get weed out. I tried to switch between outline and solids to create whitespaces. The bottom left of the fur is an example of complete white space in contrast to around the eyes where the outlines are the ones being weed out.

This project required me to be very organized because of the outline. Shapes combined together to make an object need to be united so that when I convert everything into outlines the object will show up correctly. Like I said, after uniting all the objects that need to be combined and excluding objects that overlaps I converted the graphic into outlines by <path> <outline stroke>. The image above has the line stroke set as 1.5 points but in reality in order for the vinyl machine to recognize the direction it needs to be set as 0.25 points, can barely be seen with human eye.

After the vinyl cutter is done I then take an exacto knife and start weeding out parts that are white spaces or outlines. The smaller one is definitely more challenging to weed without pulling on the surrounding vinyls. Weeding the two stickers above took me around an hour and a half. Which then I transfer the vinyl onto a sticking paper and complete the project.

I would say even though the client and I cannot finish the project as expected I am happy that I continued the project and finished it. As the most complicated vinyl I have designed and weed I am glad I got to have this learning experience to challenge my patience. I think the project turned out great despite not being able to see it on a car, I now have two cool vinyl stickers on my studio desk!

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